About BAQE

About BAQE

BAQE Cosmetics was founded by owner and CEO, Me, Quintin Croft.

After 10+ years in the beauty community, I saw that nearly every beauty brand out there catered to one of two markets, women who don't know much about make up and wear the same thing everyday, or makeup artists/enthusiasts, and I decided I wanted to be the one to bridge that gap. I noticed that the main issue was that one market saw things as too intimidating, and the other saw some things as too basic, and bam, my concept for BAQE was born.

I decided that the way to bridge that gap was to provide built in education with the products to take the intimidating and make it doable, and to take the basic and make it exciting.

Here at BAQE I've found that by helping people learn new skills with makeup, new techniques, and trying new things, that just like in the kitchen when testing out a recipe off pinterest, anyone can do makeup, and feel confident doing it!

BAQE Cosmetics believes that makeup can be as easy as following a recipe, and we provide "recipe cards" with each and every one of our products. These recipe cards will guide you through exactly how to complete not only the look on the card, but multiple looks and techniques using our products.

Follow us on Youtube for our "recipe vlog" and learn how to use your new goodies!