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Makeup can be fun and classic. Learn how to get multiple looks from one product with our built in makeup academy.

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All Q’s Favorites in one spot!

The "Founder’s Favorites” Bundle

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A new shade in the Full Face Glow Palette has entered the chat. Meet “Glowing 2.0” everything you loved about the original and more! Fully restocked and reloaded with even more versatility. We know you’ll love it, and cannot wait to see what you BAQE up!

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What makes BAQE Different


Every product here at BAQE comes with a recipe card.

On these cards you will see a beautiful look using your new product.

Scan the recipe QR with your phone to watch our recipe video and follow along. You'll see just how to achieve any look with your new products!

We can't wait to see what you BAQE up!

Makeup is as easy as following a recipe.

Quintin Croft

BAQE Recipe Card Videos

Here is one of our favorite Recipe Card videos! You can follow our entire "Look Cook Book" by following our YouTube channel!
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